Ridding Stereotypes of the Fumbling Romantic

Ridding Stereotypes of the Fumbling Romantic

A Lesson by Danny J.H.

what is true in love poetry, and what honestly isnt.......


Roses are red violets are blue you are the best and i love you. That is the most classic love poem in modern culture. To the amateur Romantic this is the PERFECT poem. However, to the experienced love poet this is just another Hallmark card. This appeals to the novice because it rhymes, it is "sweet" and is right down to the point. These are all the best traits of a love poem, however, there are so many more that need be learned that the new poet would not be able to write a decent poem. Alongside sweetness, rhyme, and punctuality, a good love poem must have these important aspects.


*Depth- underlying message that really moves the reader/writer


*Passion- feeling given off a by any good love poem that says "WOW this is some pretty serious stuff!"


*Feeling- bipole of passion; the UNSUPRESSED wrods that show the writer's true passion. Never hold back Feeling in ANY love poem.


*Sensitivity- similar to sweetness; your love poem cannot be a confession of your obsession with a person, it has to be a revelation of truth and love to the reader.


with these tips you are on your way to becoming a TRUE ROMANTIC!


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Added on February 14, 2010
Last Updated on February 15, 2010
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Danny J.H.
Danny J.H.

Dunwoody, GA

Hey! My name is danny, i'm 13 years old and i am a very avid poet.