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Magical Worlds: YOU'RE the creator!

Magical Worlds: YOU'RE the creator!

A Course by Master of Fantasy

Middle Earth. Narnia. Camp Half-Blood. Charn. Each of these places were created by the author so they can write about adventures happening in those places. Mine is called Mystica, and it is full of grasslands, mountains, rivers, forests...anything I want to add! That's the beauty of making your own world: YOU are in charge, YOU are the creator.



Lesson 1: Naming your World. Lesson 1: Naming your Wor..

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Added on May 15, 2016
Last Updated on May 15, 2016


Master of Fantasy
Master of Fantasy

I just started writing during the winter of 2014, and I love it. I write lots of Fantasy in a Tolkieny style. I believe in one true God, and I am a swimmer. A friend of mine gave me the nickname, Mast..