Lesson 1: Naming your World.

Lesson 1: Naming your World.

A Lesson by Master of Fantasy

What does it take to name a world? How do you know it's the perfect name?


How did Lewis or Tolkien come up with their epic names that stick in the minds of readers everywhere? YOU can make a name like that too! I've created three worlds so far: Mystica, Aragoria, and Athenaria. Mystica is my main land, but the name came to me in my sleep, so I'm not sure that'd be as helpful. ;) 

I found one of my biggest problems is trying to get it to sound like a World and less like a city or country. Aragoria and Athenaria. They sound much better than Aragor! Let's start with Aragoria. Where'd I get the name? Sometimes, I'll think of a character from a book I've read, or a place I've heard about, and...spice it up. I got Aragoria from Aragorn, one of my favorite characters in the Lord of the Rings. 

Athenaria? My friend thought we should name a world after the Greek Goddess Demeter, then I told her, "What about Athena?" We thought for a minute, then it hit me. Athenaria! The perfect name for a mystical world! 

Next lesson: Creating Countries 

But bye for now! 


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Master of Fantasy
Master of Fantasy

I just started writing during the winter of 2014, and I love it. I write lots of Fantasy in a Tolkieny style. I believe in one true God, and I am a swimmer. A friend of mine gave me the nickname, Mast..