Emotions I

Emotions I

A Lesson by Ray

The reader must feel part of the story to believe it.


It really isn"t easy to make someone feel within your story. It takes a lot of work. I found that great writers 'hook' you in their story through what they make the reader feel. Great writers read great books ! The first step to outstanding other writers in emotions is to read great books.

Suggestion I

-Try reading 'Mansfield Park' of Jane Austen and ask yourself what you feel afterwards
           NB : It is always better that you read a book like this completely in a row.
                 Otherwise, the feelings you get aren't the same.

Now that you have a read a great book and have taken note of your feelings, you have to identify what has made you feel so.

Suggestion II

-Go back to 'Mansfield Park' and write down what particular words/sentences made you feel so. Try to explain why they did make you feel that way.

Once you have done the above, you will probably be tired and annoyed and wondering how it is going to help you. Don't worry about it. This is all you have to do for now. The second section on Emotions will be coming soon. Try to guess already what we're going to do with what you have done.

NB : You don't necessarily have to use 'Mansfield Park'. Other books could be :
                                    Emma, Jane Austen
                                    Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
                                    Brighton Rock, Graham Greene
                                    Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, Mildred D. Taylor
                                    Of Mice and Men, Arthur Miller
          As well as other books. However, try to read books and stories that are of great literary authors. You can try also                   with plays at a later time for they can be harder to use.

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