Lesson Two: take it to the next step 1

Lesson Two: take it to the next step 1

A Lesson by Heart Felt

the first paragraph of an awesome essay.


Start by opening with a story that goes along with the topic and has the main things you will be talking about in it.


For example, lets say I am writing an essay on writers/writing:


She had been writing since thrid grade. She started with essays. She started writing poems in 5th. Those turned into short stories. Now she writes all of that and books.





that would just be the begining to the first paragraph. It tell you what I will be talking about.

Writers, essays, poems, short stories, and books.

By starting with a story you get the reader hooked. If i just said: I will be talking about writer and what they write such as essays, poem, short stories, and books. That is not going to make you want to read it as much as the begin of a paragraph above. You want to get the reader intrigued.

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