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What to look for and think about in order to get new ideas.


In order to get an idea, inspiration is crucial. Look around you for a moment. What do you see? What do you feel? Jot it down in your Writers Journal. What do you enjoy writing about? What do you know about? More importantly, what do you care about? Jot these things down as well. As you collect all this information, link some of it together. What ideas do you see? As you go around, doing your daily activities, notice interesting things or details that fascinate you. Try to remember them in order to write them down later.




 What I see: Computers, doors, windows, squealing tween girls, chill "dudes".


 What I feel: Sad, lonely, happy, confused, who am I, what am I.


 What I care about: Animals, cancer, little kids who are dying, family, the future, writing.


 What I know about: Disney.


Writers Journal Exercise:


Look around you.

What do you see, feel, care about, notice, find interesting, know about?

Write it down and try peicing some things together.

Do this a few times until you find a good fit.

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I am 14-years-old. I find inspiration all over the place: memories, ideas, things I notice. I like believing in things that others find impossible. I think that's the way I hope for a better future. ..