3. Weaving of a Story

3. Weaving of a Story

A Lesson by Hingabe

Let's thread some stories.


Having added layers to your novel, the next step is to get them to work together; that is, to connect them.  Without connecting them, you might as well be writing multiple stories at one time.  (And no one wants that right?)  Finding reasons for your layers to intertwine is what is known as weaving them together.  A setting in your story may recur, serving double duty.  A character who faces his own problem in a subplot may bring relief, or introduce an obstacle.  Secondary characters can get dragged into story lines they did not expect to grapple with. 
Count the nodes of conjunction that wave together the layers in your novel.  How many are there?  Why not look for more?  A tightly woven novel is one that your readers will be able to wrap themselves luxuriously as they curl up in their favourite chair with a coffee or cup of tea.  

-- On a single sheet of paper, make three columns.  In the first column list your novel's major and secondary characters.  In the middle column, list the principle narrative lines: main, problem, extra plot layers, subplots, minor narrative threads, questions to be answered, ect.  In the right-hand column, list the novel's places.  i.e. major settings. 

-- With lines and circles, connect a character, a narrative line, and a setting.  Keep doing this at random, making connections.  See what happens, and when they start to make sense, take notes.

-- Add to your book at least six of these nodes of conjunction that you came up with.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

wow this method helped me alot, thank you so much!

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Posted 8 Years Ago

This is an interesting idea. "Nodes of Conjunction." I'm curious as to where you learned it from, or if you made it up on your own.
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