4. Subplots

4. Subplots

A Lesson by Hingabe

Let's through in some sugar and spice with everything nice.


Subplots are narrative lines experienced by a novel's other characters.  Problems that require more than one step to resolve; in other words, they grow more complicated.  What is the best way to go?  Layers or subplots? It's totally up to you.  Most novel's employ both.  Are there subplots that can be developed within your novel? This will make your work have the rich tapestry feeling of real life. 

-- Who are your novel's most important secondary characters?

-- What is the main problem, conflict, or goal faced by each of these characters?

-- For each, what are the three main steps leading to the solution to that problem , the resolution of that conflict, or the attainment of that goal? 

-- Outline each secondary character's story.  While our protagonist is at work, what is this character doing to solve their own issue?

-- Weave your plot layers together with your subplots and then add the nodes of conjunction that you discover in your novel.

Can subplots and plot layers steal the show?  Of course!  Just be sure you didn't pick the wrong protagonist...

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