Organs and Blood

Organs and Blood

A Course by Rebeka Erin Morin

A doctor, who lives in a haunting-like mansion, winds up taking care of his 13 year old niece since he's the only relative she has in the area after her parents passed away. The niece has no idea that her uncle is a killer and a doctor and a surgeon...who does malpractice and experiments and such. Her uncle is very strict with rules and makes sure that she does NOT go down into the basement So when she does, she sneaks down there, and finds him operating on a person and putting the dead body's organs into a jar for trophies, and then she freaks and rams into something and her uncle sees her and stops what she's doing, and that's when things get really eerie.



Organs and Blood Organs and Blood

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Rebeka Erin Morin
Rebeka Erin Morin


Hello my name is Rebeka E Morin, and I'm a horror/thriller novelist. I've published my first novel The Nightmare, young adult, a sci-fi mystery thriller series. I have been writing for 12 years, and ..