Organs and Blood

Organs and Blood

A Lesson by Rebeka Erin Morin

A doctor, who lives in a haunting like mansion, winds up caring for his 13 year old niece since he's the only relative she has in the area after her parents passed away. So the niece has no idea that her uncle is a killer and a doctor and a surgeon...who does malpractice and experiments and such. Her uncle is very strict with rules and makes sure that she does NOT go down into the basement So when she does, she sneaks down there, and finds him operating on a person and putting the dead body's organs into a jar for trophies, and then she freaks and rams into something and her uncle sees her and stops what she's doing, and that's when things get really eerie



Draven Cole handled his ‘client’s’ organs with his bloodied white gloves. He examined them with a grim delight, studying the ridges and its outstanding complexions. He then couldn’t help himself but have a little taste of it, and slightly licked one of the ridges, tasting the blood and it’s texture, up until he heard the phone from upstairs.
He paused his pleasures, and looked up to the basement stairs. Draven sighed, and set the organs down onto the opened stomach of the body, and removed his gloves and tossed them into the waste basket and headed up the steps.
He came out from being below the mansion and walked to the phone, and took a deep breath and answered it. “Hello, Draven Cole speaking,” his voice a serious slight gravel. Then his ears perked when he heard a familiar voice – the sheriff.
“Good evening, Mr. Cole. This is Sheriff Holmes.”
“Oh, good evening Sheriff. What can I do for you?” Draven asked, being in his polite side, rubbing his hand on his pants, getting rid of the lastly feelings of the gloved material.
“I actually wanted to inform you…that your dear brother Charles and his wife Carol…have sadly died in an accident.”
Draven’s whole body froze from the news. “What?”
“Yes…they’ve died from a car crash up in the mountains. Seems that they could not see from their headlights dying out and smashed right into a tree; Carol went through the windshield and your brother…” the Sheriff sighed, “A huge piece of glass went through his throat.”
Draven’s face felt as if it had grown pale; his heart pounding. “Oh my god...” He raked his hand through his hair, not believing this.
“I am so sorry, Mr. Cole.” The Sheriff said with sorrow. “I deeply am…” Then, he added something to this, “I actually wanted to tell you this…because their daughter Brenda is at the shelter…and she does not have family around here…other than you.”
Draven’s eyes opened, freezing his mind from this. “What are you saying?”
“I’m saying is that…she does not have a home. We were hoping…that – you would take her, since you’re the closest relative she has here.”
Draven’s jaw tightened. “I’m…” He sighed, frustrated and stuck inside. “I don’t think I can…I’m not that very good with kids.”
“Oh nonsense, you’ll be great. Brenda is a smart child. She keeps to herself often and does listen. I’m sure when you two meet and get to know each other you two will be just fine.” The Sheriff reassured.
Draven thought about this, and licked his lips a little and looked over to the basement door to where his workshop was kept. He did not want to bring a child into the mansion…but he guessed he had no choice but accept.
“Alright…I’ll take her.”
“Excellent, you will be expecting her Tuesday night after we’ve gotten her paperwork all straightened out. And then once we arrive we’ll have to go through other things on your side.”
Draven breathed in. “Alright. I’ll prepare for her arrival.”
“Thank you so much, Mr. Cole. I promise you two will bond beautifully.”
“I sure hope so.” Draven said, referring to himself about his secrets.
He heard the Sheriff chuckle politely, and then he said, “Well, I must turn in for the night. I’ll call you before we enter your area.”
“Alright, I’ll be around. Have a good evening.”
“Yes, you too, Mr. Cole. Goodnight.” And then the Sheriff hung up.
Draven stood there with the phone still at his mouth and ear, and then he slowly drifted it…and set it back on its receiver, pausing his hand there.
“This…cannot be happening.” He backed away from the phone, and headed back down to the basement to finish. He returned to the body on the operating table, and picked up the organs, and put them in a medium sized tub. “This cannot be happening,” he repeated, feeling his heart pounding.
He did not feel comfortable with having a teenage child in the mansion, at all. He feared that Brenda would snoop and find his workshop…and then he would be screwed.
“S**t…” He said quietly to himself, and got frustrated and nearly damaged something, when he thought about something. “Just tell her…not to go down here…and just to the kitchen…the den…the library…and her room…and outside…anywhere but down here.” He finally smiled a notch to the side, and nodded, closing his eyes. “A little strictness won’t hurt…not one bit,” and picked up the surgical knife, and laughed grimly, “She won’t know a thing,” and then he went “Aha!” and slashed the dead body’s throat!


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Rebeka Erin Morin
Rebeka Erin Morin


Hello my name is Rebeka E Morin, and I'm a horror/thriller novelist. I've published my first novel The Nightmare, young adult, a sci-fi mystery thriller series. I have been writing for 12 years, and ..