The 'urge'...

The 'urge'...

A Lesson by Jeremy_Kyle

When you know its time to stop writing. What to write about and how to sequence your writing.


When you write, you always need to be writing something that your feeling. You know when the feeling is strong because, well, you never stop thinking about it. I usually write about break-ups or other dramatic situations. So, when you write about something make sure you know what your feeling. If you don't understand how you are feeling then you can't make the readers feel the same. I know, sometimes it can be really complicated but it doesn't mean its impossible. Now, you need to know when you've gone too far. Don't include every single little detail about the situation, that actually will make you feel worse about it. You need to realize a when its a good time to stop writing. I think that you should stop when you've made the situation clear to others. Heres an example of a couple of lines with too much detail.

She lay in her bed.

With her purple fleece blanket spread lightly over her body.

She cries.

Her dark pillow become wet with spots of tear.

How this could be written is:

She lay in her bed.

She sobs,

her pillow becomes wet with sorrow.

Also you don't necessarily sequence your writing from start to beginning. You should probably sequence by intenseness of the atmosphere...

Now, go start your poetry with these tips.


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Posted 7 Years Ago

good advice. Will try this
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