Is this Writers Block?

Is this Writers Block?

A Lesson by Emily

Do you think you might have Writers block?


Are you sitting in your desk with  a perfectly sheet of white paper totally blank? if so well, that normal!

You have your rhyming dictionary in the corner of your desk with a Journal  and your favorite pen or pencil then the impossible happens. You have absolutely no ideas. a few questions might automatically pop in your head: "Is there something wrong with me?" "Will I never come up with a good idea again?" "How will I write with no ideas?" well here are a few things you could do to get you out of this 'writers' block'

1.Go to your happy place-spend a weekend having pure fun! Don't worry about school, or work just be carefree!
2. Visit your favorite place in your city and write down adjectives that would describe it!
3.Sleep more than you usually would.(most of the time you need to rest your brain!)
4. Get out of the house, Go party with friends!
5. Spend an entire day doing creative things (Painting, Sewing, Knitting) 
6. Make your favorite meal
7. Make up bad poems with a bunch of random rhymes! For ex.

I like pancakes
i liked to eat them with my snake
i run 
i make buns

I hope this helps you get out of your funk, so you can go back to writing amazing poems!!!!:)

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Added on January 6, 2012
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