The Right Time to Write

The Right Time to Write

A Lesson by Emily

Knowing the right time to wright is important~it helps you produce the best of anything.


You know when inspiration strikes. The idea fills you up and grows into something bigger and bigger, or maybe you've been having some troubling times and you don't know how to explain how you're feeling. The point is that you just can't wright a poem whenever, wherever. These are the 'Symptoms' of when you know you will get the best poems and rhymes;

-Something good (or bad!) might of recently happened to you or a family member and you're not quite sure how to vent out. (you might even feel like you might scream!)
-You come up with a rhyme that you can NOT get out of your head
-Your home alone with ideas floating around your head but not sure how to get them out.
-You simply want to

The last one is key, If your a author of a few poems, stories, whatever and your fans are going crazy wanting a new poem or book from you. If you don't want to you are not going to get a good idea or book/poem because you simply don't want to.

Also for the second one it doesn't even have to be a rhyme it could be a great descriptive paragraph, or a funny little joke that you made up. The list is endless! To recap remember to always know when the right time to wright is because you might not be happy with what you end up with and get frustrated, down on yourself, and think that your not going to be a good poet/writer. Everyone can write~its just knowing what to wright and when to wright is the key. 

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Oh i just kinda realized that i spelled write please ignore that thank you:)
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I've always loved to write, but started more last year because, well long story short My friends did something that kinda hurt me a lot, so that's where I get most of my writing from. I also know i'm ..