All the rhymes

All the rhymes

A Lesson by Catwhelma

Learn about poetry and rhyme.


  You've probably used rhyme in many different poems you have written, but what about near rhyme? Rhyme is when words share the same consonant and vowel sound, but with near rhyme it's either one or another, not both. Look at this example below, the near rhyme words are blue:

Trees break

When they play

  Notice the blue words break and play both have the same vowel sound, the long a sound, but not the same consonant sound. If it was rhyme the words would have the same consonant sound along with the vowel-sound, not just one. So if you want to come up with a rhyme for your poem and can't come up with one then try near rhyme. Its much harder to come up with then a regular rhyme, but it's an alternate if you can't come up with a regular rhyme.

  Next is internal rhyme, which is basically when words in a poem rhyme and are on the same line. For example:

The CAT is Fat.

Notice that the rhyming words are on the same line on the poem. So now we will move onto end rhyme, which is where a rhyme is at the end of the line:

The warm MAT

Is for the CAT

So that is end rhyme and that's it for this lesson and I hope you found it informative and helpful for learning about poetry and rhyme.


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