How to get that flow?

How to get that flow?

A Lesson by The  Monster

I honestly still ask myself how do I get that endless flow of words? So here I will explain to you how I do it


|The Flow|

1; Don't think just write
2; If it sounds correct to you that is the best way to go, because if you like that is all that matters.

3; If you steal want reassurance of your flow, go and read your writing to someone else before doing anything with it, because honestly that gives you more satisfaction and confidence.

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Added on July 19, 2014
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The  Monster
The  Monster

Mt.Juliet, TN

Hello, I am Tay or Tai, which ever you prefer. I am a writer in heart and mind, all forms & meanings. I myself am a sort of darker or sad writer, but I love all types. I also love being c..