Sentence Fragments And Complete Sentences

Sentence Fragments And Complete Sentences

A Lesson by Tracie D'Angelo

What are sentence Fragments and Complete Sentences.



A complete sentence has a verb, a subject and expresses a complete thought. It can stand on its own and make sense.

I am going to the store.

An incomplete sentence or sentence fragment can not stand alone and either needs words added or taken out.

Sometimes when it rains. too much.
I found myself breaking out at last.

A run-on sentence is a group of sentences strung together without conjunctions or commas. To clarify the subjects of the sentences and to help the reader better understand, these sentences should be broken up.

The cat ran out the door and into the garden. She jumped over the fence and nearly missinged the tree. to the She ran to the neighbor's house to drink the milk that was sitting on the porch.

Correction to run-on sentences can be made by adding and, but, or, for, nor, yet, so which are conjunctions or changing words around. Don't forget to use a comma before the conjunction. Read your writing aloud. If you're running out of breath, then chances are you have a run-on sentence.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

" If you're running out of breath, then chances are you have a run-on sentence."

...Or maybe you're merely writing like Faulkner. It happens. :)

This lesson covers only the very basics, which may be a good thing - people need to understand the rules before they can learn how to bend/break them when appropriate.

Anyway, here's hoping that this kind of lesson will improve the overall quality of writing on this site.

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