Lesson 1a: Poetry

Lesson 1a: Poetry

A Lesson by Phillitup

How to review poetry...


I poem can range from being complex and confusing to precise and spelling out a story. They can be difficult to review because of their length (which is often quite short and sweet). Yet, some of my longest reviews belong to short poems. This is because I can remember all of it and keep it in mind when leaving comments. There are a few beginning things you should look at when simply reviewing a poem.
1) How did it make you feel? Was the feeling truly yours or just a lame simulation on the writers part?

2) Did they spell things correctly? Here's how you know:
-Copy and paste it into Microsoft in order to get the edges fairly grammatically correct.
-Question every word that doesn't look right.

3) Grammar!
-Google it!
-Previous knowledge...
-Remember its is its and it's is it is...same with others of these words

4) Did the title work? Did it grab your attention? Look good? Make sense?

This is just the beginning of reviewing poetry, but now you are on your way!

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