Likes And Dislikes

Likes And Dislikes

A Lesson by Wolf Paws

To give your character a way of thinking.


One thing about a character's personality is their likes and dislikes. Sometimes these could contribute to the story. An examble would be, if the character has a brother or sister, he may not like him or her. It could also be what they have. 

  David didn't really like his younger sister, May. But not as much as he didn't like her dolls.

It also be could be what they smell, hear, taste, or touch.

  Alex hated the smell of bacon in the mourning. Neither the taste. But he did like the sound of the sizzle. Plus, the unique texture of it's surface.

Sometimes it could be group, enemy, or some suspicious person

  Antonio tried to run away from the I.N.S. so they wouldn't take him back to Mexico.

  Jake tried to rescue his girl from Ankon but he was too strong.

  Heather didn't trust this man that came from that dark ally.

In some cases, stories can be based on likes and dislikes.

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