A Writer Must Be Like God in the Universe

A Writer Must Be Like God in the Universe

A Lesson by Madd-Fictional

Accepting your role as the creator of the worlds you create.


"The author, in his work, must be like God in the Universe, present everywhere and visible nowhere." ---- Gustave Flaubert

In your ordinary everyday existence, you're merely a person, be it lawful, chaotic, neutral, friendly or antisocial. But when you write, you become something far greater than self. You ascend to the highest self possible and become the god of the universe(s) you create. You know all there is to know and have the ability to think anything into being, and being omniscient, you know full well the folly of making a personal appearance to your characters.

On occasion you may opt to visit your world in the form of a raisonneur or Author Avatar----a fictionalized version of yourself who is called upon to comment on a given situation, deliver your verdict, and possibly break the Fourth Wall in a self-deprecating fashion, but should never influence the plot and should only be loosely tied to events.

Because you're god of your universe(s), you also work in mysterious ways by playing the role of The Adversary. You are the force that opposes you. With regards to your characters, in this role you are duplicitous, traitorous, hindersome, curmudgeonly, vindictive, mutinous, licentious, and profane. How can that not sound exciting?

What are you waiting for? Sally forth and be god playingly writeful.

PS. If you're experiencing difficulty accessing your inner godhood, perhaps a quick pep talk from Alan Watts will help you on your path:

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