A Lesson by Vivian

Let's try something persuasive.


Okay, it's been a while, I know. But, let's try something out-character for once. Imagine this: It's Saturday morning, you're in your PJs, and with a bowl of cereal and milk, you sit your butt in front of the TV to watch your favorite show.
You're feeling all these different types of emotions while you're watching that you don't want to leave or go.

What was a show that you enjoyed watching while growing up? And, why did you like it?

For me, it was Pokemon. I remembered once I woke up one Saturday--still dark and all--got some shrimp chips and sat my bottom down in front of laptop, eating and watching Pokemon 'til the sun came up. I guess I enjoyed watching the show in my younger years was because I was able...let's say, relate to the characters in some way (Pokemon is targeted to a younger audience after all). Personally, I loved the older seasons better than the new ones now, and, really, I only go onto Pokemon stream to watch new movies. But, I would love to go back to those days and rekindle my love for the show again. (When Ash and Pikachu went to Unova, I dropped the pokeball journey there)

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Added on April 25, 2014
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