Paragraphing that MONOLITHIC block of text.

Paragraphing that MONOLITHIC block of text.

A Lesson by Barbara Tennyson

Paragraphing makes a page readable.


An unparagraphed text is not reader friendly.  It's an ugly block of print.  There are two things to do about that: One grammatical and the other style.

Style offers two options:  In your writing program open Format and go to Paragraph.  Find 'Indents and Spacing'.  When you pick up a hard copy novel, you will see indented paragraphs.  It's simple to add that feature to all your writing:  Under 'First Line Indents'  pick a number and see how it affects your presentation.  Experiment until you find a look you like. 
The problem with indents is that some writing sites can't handle them.  Double spacing is used in these sites.  Again, go to Format, Indents and Spacing and find:  'Spacing Below Paragraph', and, again, play around until you have a pleasant look.

Once you have a style you like, get down to what goes into a paragraph.  In standard USA English, a paragraph contains ONE person's thoughts, actions and speech.  Don't jumble two or more characters into a single paragraph:
"This is MY paragraph,"  Marilyn said.  Marilyn thought, Marsha had better not stick her nose in.  Marilyn hit Marsha in the nose.
NEW PARAGRAPH  (and for beginners:  hit the enter tab)
"What did you do that for?" asked Marsha. 

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