The Beggining

The Beggining

A Lesson by Gina

The First Things You Need


1. Inspiration: Probably the most important thing in this process. You should probably start with something you know and then work your way up. I believe that the easiest way is to do something you really enjoy and find you inspiration from there. Remember no song is bad, no matter how silly of an idea. You are just starting after all.
2. Title: You don't need it right away. You can start the song and then find a title for it.
3. Chorus/Repeat: Some songs have the title in the chorus, others have a repeating line that has the title in it. Either one is fine. Remember that you should have one or the other before you start.
4. Main Theme: You can talk about many things in a song, but try to stick to one main theme and then if you want to, branch off.


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Posted 5 Years Ago

Hey, this is great, I think I'll finally be able to write a song now. Thank you So much!!!
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