Getting Ideas

Getting Ideas

A Lesson by Sophie

Ways to get an idea for your story.


Getting Ideas

Sometimes you might be stuck for idea's. Some ways to get started are:
Look at other peoples titles of poems, only poems.
Eg: I once was scrolling down the page when I saw a poem called whispers, I liked the name then scrolled further until I found a poem called Green Valley. I wrote a story about a girl who hears an angel whisper in the valley and this angel solves all her problems. I also called it 'Whispering in the Valley.'
Think of words, just random words that you like the sound of.
Eg: I started thinking of words. Thought of an angel, green grass, silk. Lot's of things could be taken as prompts.
Look at some quotes on the internet
Honestly they are perfect for prompts!
Look at the dictionary
Similar to option 2 but find words in the dictionary.

Next lesson will be:
Taking on the prompt.

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