Taking on the Prompt.

Taking on the Prompt.

A Lesson by Sophie

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Taking on a prompt can be hard, this is where writers enemies come; writers block. I think that a good way to get started is to find out a little more of your story. Finding a genre that it could come under is a good idea. Look at your prompt. Could this possibly a romance, horror, gothic.

If you have no idea what your prompt could turn into then try and pick one that you want it to turn into. Then brainstorm some ideas to link your genre to you prompt. If you are having trouble with this feel welcome to ask me if your stuck.

Once you have a basic idea you can start to think of a storyline. At this point you have to make a decision; some like to a have a extremely small idea of what their story will be and start writing straight away and see where your imagination takes you. But I your not ready at this point, then continue onto the next course which will be coming soon:

Developing a basic storyline.

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