Details - Do's and Don'ts

Details - Do's and Don'ts

A Lesson by Political Punk ~~ CBD

Details - Do's and Don'ts made for Steam-Punk


So in the first lesson we learned about what steam-punk is, and looked at a few things that are pretty generic or influential to the genre. But as fantasy writers we must be able to describe what we are seeing in our heads to the readers. 
In Steam-Punk this can be just as or even more difficult to do, especially when trying to describe a technology that the world has very barely conceived. And this is when we start to go into too much detail, that would bore the reader. 

So as an example I'm going to describe an iconic steam-punk image - an Airship. 

The Airship floated above the clouds like a galleon on the waves of the blue ocean, its lift balloon two hundred feet long and sixty feet wide. It had forty and two crew members, each dressed in a drab gray jumpsuit. The captain sat at the helm which was forty feet from the bow and twenty from the stern. Deep below firemen shoveled coal into a blast furnace, which powered the steam valves which operated the propellers that would be taking them to their target. Below the deck was seven cannons on each side, and hammocks for the crew. Flanking each side of the helm where large artillery guns . . .

If you find yourself doing something like this then I would suggest going through and sprinkling this through with dialog or character thoughts. (Though I must say I am writing this hypocritically because I constantly do this, it is a hard habit to break)

This also varies on each writers independent style as well, so if this is your style don't worry to much about it. Just be aware of it. 

Now please enjoy some pictures of some steam-punk fashion. 

Abneypark (Rock Band)


Male Style

Female Style

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Political Punk ~~ CBD
Political Punk ~~ CBD

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