The Genre

The Genre

A Lesson by Political Punk ~~ CBD

A discription of the genre


A growing genre for experimenting writers, steam-punk is a neo-retro genre influenced by classic writers such as Jules Verne, H.G Wells, and others. 
And also influenced by a little-known artist; Leonardo da Vinci and his early designs for tanks and helicopters
Known for its complex ideas no one has gotten a true defining media in which steampunk can be fully expressed. Manga/Anime is one media that the genre excels in with some examples such as 
Full Metal Alchemist, Last Exile, and the movie of Howl's Moving Castle. 
Steam Punk is mostly defined by its Victorianism ideas, and dialect. And influenced by the technologies of the time as well. Several examples of this is steam-powered trains, planes, and airships. 
Airships are another trade mark of the genre, a large boat-like vehicles the float in the sky. 

When writing you should also look into how people talked during the Victorian Era, and what conflicts were happening. If you also plan on writing a war novel in this genre look into what weapons were being used historically during the time. 

and so here are some images that may help you understand the genre a little more

Leonardo's Helicopter

Leonardo's Tank


Airship (I apologize for this, Imageshack kinda sucks and this was the best picture I could find)

The Revolver
(This would be about the time frame of the civil war - it would be about now that Colt would have made its first revolver)

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Political Punk ~~ CBD
Political Punk ~~ CBD

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