Step 1 Change the verbs

Step 1 Change the verbs

A Lesson by MusicLover

The frist part of being more descriptave is to change your verbs


Here is an example of a boring paragraph


I asked my dad to go to the beach. We drove for 20 minutes. The sand was hot. the water was cold. We had fun.


Now did that make you fall alseep? Do you want you writing to be like that? If not let us frist examine the verbs. Asked, drove, was, had



Now let's change some of the verbs and add some details.



I begged on my knees for an hour untill I was blue in face, pleading him to take me to the beach. We travled in silemce to the beach, while silently listening to Rammstein (this is for Kinnixk). The sand had the burning sensation of fire under my delecate feet. I rushed to the water, which ws like stepping into liquid nitrogen. We enjoyed our time togheter as father and daughter.



Now how was that? If you have any more questions leave me a message.


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Added on April 14, 2012
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