Need to get ideas from somehwere?

Need to get ideas from somehwere?

A Lesson by Chris

Here's 7 simple suggestions to get the wheels turning.


It can be hard to find ideas for stuff to write about. Sometimes you just want to write, but don't know where to begin. That's where this list comes in. Next time you're crunched for time, but want to write about something, try starting at one of these.

1- They post new articles daily, a little bit of link jumping will get you to explanations of things you'd never considered. A little open-mindedness in reading those articles will help you find an idea for one or more fun short stories.

2- Stumbleupon: Everyone should know this one. It's the holy grail of idea generation because you can never know what's coming up. One of my favorite ways to use it? Only stumble images until you find a picture that inspires a story.

3- Watch a movie or TV show: Watch the background, though. Find a character or event happening in the background and runaway with it. New movies work better than old ones simply on account of more extras.

4- Play a videogame: People seem to rant about videogames from time to time, but some of them have great stories. Take that idea and reaplly it, add on to it, or steal a setting. You'd be surprised how often you start with something straight out of a game, and next thing you know you've made it entirely your own.

5- Go for a hike: Nature is always going to throw you curveballs. Write about them.

6- Check out the headlines of a local or national newspaper: the reality is that truth really is stranger than fiction. Go find some truths and make them your fictions.

7- Read a magazine: pretty much the same thing as the last one. Magazines like Mental Floss offer easy to browse lists that allow for maximum speed reading in a time-crunch.

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Posted 7 Years Ago

These tutorials are great :) They've all helped me so far with writing short stories.
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