Ideas are Ideal Part 2

Ideas are Ideal Part 2

A Lesson by mpotter

You obviously write fiction without an idea! (part 2)


Make your ideas feel welcome

Although not all ideas are perfect, don't automatically dismiss them if there are flaws. You will need time to develop them (later). If an idea seems bad to you at first, it might be an award winner. Don't let your ideas know you thought they were stupid. They might think they are horrible, too and try to change themselves. Do not try to change your ideas. They are original and yours. They came from you and nothing could be better. The idea might feel imperfect if you change it. Leave it alone to develop.


Practice welcoming these ideas that may look bad. What ever you do, DO NOT CHANGE THEM:

1. A boy who wants to meet an invisible being.

2. A fantasy world where there are ducks who dance to disco.

3. A boy who feels like boys can be princesses, too.

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