Ideas are Ideal Part 3

Ideas are Ideal Part 3

A Lesson by mpotter

Developing time!


Developing Ideas

It's time to develop your bright, new ideas! Last lesson I said not to change your ideas. Now I'm telling you to let your ideas change themselves. This is called developing. Let them sit for a while. This could be a few minutes, a few hours, even a few days. Let your ideas perfect themselves and work out the flaws. When you couldn't be happier, or when they are flawless, you're finished. Unfortunately, sometimes there is what I call a 'dud idea'. A dud idea is an idea that breaks itself during development. For example, your idea was about a girl who owned a chocolate shop. Imagine this idea crumbling and falling apart. All of a sudden, you don't remember anything about it, or it is changed so much it truly is horrible. This is sad. I hate when a decent idea goes bad. The good thing is that a dud ideas are rare.

**What to do with dud ideas**

What could you possibly do with this ugly thing, you may ask? Here are some ideas:

1. Write it down and fold it up. Make a sort of time capsule for however long you want. Open it up after the assigned time and write down any ideas that come to you from it.

2. Give it to a friend. See if he or she has any improvements to make on it.

3. Write a few sentences from it and see if it helps improve the idea.

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