Plot the Plot Part 1

Plot the Plot Part 1

A Lesson by mpotter

Plotting: Do you need it?



Now that you have an idea and strong characters, it is smart to plot. But first, I want to make it clear: Plotting is optional. Not all professional writers plot. A lot do, I will admit that, but it is not necessarily needed. Some people like to plot every corner of their story. Some people plot the beginning, end, and a few steps ahead every once and a while, like I do. Some people rage randomly through their story, no plot in mind. But remember your original idea to keep you on track. So, you decide yourself: Are you a plotter?


I had just said to remember your original idea to keep you on track. For most people, this advice is needed. In some cases, your idea could change drastically throughout the story. Therefore, it is okay if you wander off from your previous plan.

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Added on December 22, 2011
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