Plot the Plot Part 3

Plot the Plot Part 3

A Lesson by mpotter

Plotting- Heart's Desire


Heart's Desire

Something drives your story to its destination. It is your character's current goal. It is what your character wants. It is what the story revolves around. This is called the Heart's Desire. Think about your life right now. What is your Heart's Desire? Mine is to be a writer. If I was a main character in a story, that might be what my story is about. What is your character's Heart's Desire?

What to do with your character's Heart's Desire?

Now you wonder what you should do with it. Your job is to make it extremely hard for your character to reach their Heart's Desire. This is because if you let character get it easily, there is no story, no plot. You might throw in a subplot (later) to distract your character, or maybe an enemy is involved. Make it difficult. This may sound weird, but the harder it is for your character, the more interesting it is. And no, I do not mean make your character's life so horrible that nothing good ever happens. It should be like life. There are ups and downs.

**Heart's Desire**

Practice recognizing Heart's Desire:

1. Your Heart's Desire is________________________

2. Your sibling's Heart's Desire is ________________

3. Your friend's Heart's Desire is ________________

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