Plot the Plot Part 4

Plot the Plot Part 4

A Lesson by mpotter

Plotting- Subplots and changes of heart



What is it called when something smaller is going on next to the main plot? It is called subplots. It can be boring to here the exact same plot throughout a whole story. Of course, subplots are not needed. If one plot is exciting enough and has enough twists, a subplot is not needed. But, subplots are an important element in a good story. They tie into the main plot somehow. Subplots might distract the character, or even cause the character to have so much trouble, they are a huge obstacle. You may or may not choose to use subplots.

Change of Heart

You know how last lesson I said the Heart's Desire drives the story? Well, if this is what you choose, you can forget what I said. Your character could have a change of heart. A change of heart is where your character's heart's desire changes throughout the story. This can happen at any time, but near the end is ideal.


Here are examples of changes of heart:

1. The original desire was to get the main part in a play, but changed to wanting to impress father.

2. The original desire was to be famous, but changed to wanting to have fun dancing.

3. The original desire was to start a business, but changed to earning money.

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