The Who Part 2

The Who Part 2

A Lesson by mpotter

Characters: Faults, skills, attitude and more.



Characteristics are what makes a person themselves. In this lesson we will go over the characteristics of your character.

Faults: What makes your character tick? What do they hate? Are they clumsy? What are they allergic to? Are they horrible at something?

Skills: What is your character best at? What does your character want to succeed at?

Attitude: Is your character sassy? How do they introduce themselves? How do they act around strangers? Do they act different around friends?

Appearance: Does your character have perfect teeth? Does your character wear all black? What is the first impression someone makes on your character's appearance?

Love: Does your character have a crush? Do they love pickles? Do they love their dog? What does your character love most?

Hobbies: What does your character like to do? Is this their career? What do they want to do for a living?

Heart's desire: What does your character want most?

**Heart's desire**

This is one of the most important things in a story. Figure out what your character wants most. Do they want friends? Do they want a part in a musical? Do they want freedom?

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