The Who Part 3

The Who Part 3

A Lesson by mpotter

Characters: roles, major vs. minor, protagonist vs antagonist, and more.



Each character has a role they play in the story. This character may play the role of the character who sell a goat to the main character. This character may be the main character, also known as the protagonist. The protagonist is the hero, the character that drives the story. The protagonist is the character that the story revolves around. The reader should be on the edge of their seat, hoping the protagonist gets what they want (heart's desire). The antagonist is the character or thing that stands in the way of the protagonist. The antagonist is the rival, the enemy. This character should make it extremely hard for the protagonist to reach their heart's desire.

Major vs. Minor

You should know the difference between major and minor characters. The protagonist and the antagonist are major characters. Major characters repeatedly occur throughout the story. They help hold the story together and have a main role. Minor characters are there to do minor tasks and keep the ball rolling. You may or may not know a minor character's name, or even their characteristics.


This is practicing telling protagonist from antagonist:

1. Who is the protagonist in your favorite movie?

2. Who is the antagonist?

3. What acts let you know who is who?

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