The Who Part 5

The Who Part 5

A Lesson by mpotter

Characters: Names


The Names

Now for the all important name. Characters do not need a name, but I would highly recommend it. You would use a name so it would be easier to identify characters. Imagine reading this: "He, She, They, Them" and so on for a whole story. Annoying isn't it? Use names. Names are also good for identifying the story. If you have a creative name, one that is easy to remember, people might say this: "I don't remember the title, but I remember the main character's name. It was Chrysanthia." Names like that are hard to forget. The main problem is finding the right one.

The Name Game

How are you going to find the perfect names for your characters? You especially need good ones for your protagonist and antagonist. Think about names you have heard or read. Use those. Create your own (mainly for fantasy). Make sure the name you choose has meaning to you. If you pick a random name, it might feel unexplained and dull. It has to have the right flow for the character. Don't give the hideous man who everyone hates a random name like Ron. His name should sound more sinister. I cannot stress this enough. MAKE SURE THE NAME HAS MEANING.

**Places to Find Names**

Here are some of my places I often look for the perfect name.

1. Phone book

2. Baby name website/book

3. End credits of a movie :)

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