Imagery, Adjectives, and Verbs

Imagery, Adjectives, and Verbs

A Lesson by Sonya

All fall into the same lesson because imagery is nothing without them.


          Everyone knows the more detailed the picture, the more real it may feel.

Instead of:
"The girl had long, blonde hair and blue eyes." I'm not sure about you, but I think of a Barbie doll reading that little sentence. 

"The girl's hair was a dusky sandy, very dirty blonde. Coming down to her frail hips, twirling like a jungle, but not messy and frizzy. Her bangs hid subtle, soft blue eyes. More like an azul, but distant and wide."

"...twirling like a jungle..." an example of similies. Those will help so much. Instead of: "Her hair was a dark black" use "Her hair was like the night sky.  Flawless, and clouded by an alluring darkness."

Now, for the tricky stuff.

ADJECTIVES: Words that describe.

Falling back to the previous sentences, adjectives give that extra zip that a story deserves. Which sounds better? 
A) Bad. or 
B) Unpleasant
C) Tainted

Choosing B or C means you passed. ALWAYS use bigger words than like fun, cute, or love.
Try different, more livelier words such as Intriguing, adorable, or adore.

VERBS: Words describing actions.

Run? WEAK! How about: Trot, gallop, scurry, there are so more options than just "run" to use.
Said? DEAD! Use: Whisper, barked, hissed, cried. Make the speaker's tone clear my friend.

Of course, I'm sorry to say, that I can't explain every little bit, but if you have any further questions, feel free to message me! :)

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Actually, "said" is the preferred word in almost all cases. When a writer tries to avoid it, the result is called "said-bookism," and it isn't a good thing. (Look it up if you don't believe me.) Nine times out of ten, the speaker's tone should be clear just from WHAT they say.

As far as details, you're advocating what is often called "purple prose" - the overly flowery, elaborate stuff that impresses (some) middle-grade English teachers but is a turn-off to most readers.

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Posted 9 Years Ago

Very, very helpful. Thanks for posting.
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