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Let’s face it. Every tech writer out there had to start somewhere and you will too. It’s really just all a matter of familiarizing yourself with various authoring tools, putting together a great resume and having professional writing samples. I would also suggest researching business writings such as white papers, data sheets (marketing slicks) and maybe even business proposals. Tech writers seldom just sit and write technical instructions all day. They are also often given other writing duties such as the ones I just mentioned. You won’t necessarily be writing these from scratch, but you’ll often be asked to assist with editing and formatting various forms of business writing.

Familiarize yourself with screen capture software as well such as Snagit and maybe even Adobe Photoshop. Tech writers are often required to obtain screen shots for their guides and occasionally to provide some small touch-up to screen shots or to drawings. Many are also being called upon to assist with creating instructional videos. Camtasia is a great one to start with and one that I have personally found to be extremely easy to use.

Most importantly, have fun along your journey and should you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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