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So…you wish to join the world of technical writing (I’ll often refer to it as “tech writing” throughout this booklet). Congratulations, you have made a great choice. Not only will you be able to hone some of your writing skills; you will join a world that is wide open, with some great job opportunities. Whether you choose to freelance, work contract or work for an employer, the door is wide open. I truly had no idea on what was in store for my future when I ventured into the tech writing field. Sure I knew it was a job that would allow me to make my living as a writer, but I also learned that the pay is great and the sky is the limit.

If you are serious and know for a fact this field is for you, you may also want to consider joining the Society for Technical Communication (STC). There are generally local chapters (depending on where you live), along with the main STC. They offer classes, discussion forums and much more. There is a yearly fee for membership however the resources they offer cannot be beat. You can find more information on the STC on their website:

This booklet is by no means the “be all, say all,” but will give you a few pointers to steer you in the right direction. It is also written based on my own perspectives and opinions so keep in mind that some fellow tech writers may have differing opinions than my own. Lastly, it would be impossible for me to define all of the “tech writing terminology” I use throughout this lesson and for that I apologize. I will however, offer follow-ups to this booklet through my online classes. All classes are also available for purchase on CD to be completed at your convenience. Check out my website and my class schedule (

Okay, enough of the small talk. Let’s jump right in and learn a few basics. Shall we?




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