An Introduction to Literary Nonsense

An Introduction to Literary Nonsense

A Lesson by Polymath Chameleon

Introduction of making sense of nonsense.


What is literary nonsense?
the use of "sensical and nonsensical elements to defy language conventions or logical reasoning"
It can also be seen as a "tension between reality versus language"
-Wim Tigges

Actually, the type of nonsense I'll be focusing on contains the nonsense of sense and non-sense... contradicting, I know. But if done right, you'll basically be a literary envy.

From my observation, there are five ways to really categorize nonsense:

1. non sequitur
2. absurdity
3. symbolism
4. hyperbole
5. anti-humor

It may seem I'm just listing some some literary devices off (which I am), but I'll explain each one so that you know exactly what they are, what kind of subsets they each have, their function, and how it can be effectively used to best suit the situation in the world of nonsense.

Helpful skills to have when trying to create literary nonsense are the ability to un-filter your mind, the ability to be receptive of your environment and create conclusions through comparisons, and most importantly, wit and creativity.


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