What is Poetry?

What is Poetry?

A Lesson by Priya Haque

The whoozits and whatsits of all things poetic!


The Meaning of Poetry:
Poetry, simply stated, is a rhythmic way form of writing. Writing poetry is not as difficult as it seems, but the many different forms can overwhelm your average novella writer. But, if you have any interest in writing poetry at all, you need to understand this: whether a traditional one lined haiku, or a correctly named epic, poetry is nothing if not emotive. Read any piece of poetry by any poet who ever exsisted and under the many layers of words, you'll find some kind of emotion.
If you walk away from this course with any knowledge at all, know this: poetry, if written well, can change anyone's life.

How This Course Will Work:
I will post 15 bi-weekly lessons here on both Writer's Cafe. Each lesson will have writing assignments that you can complete at your leisure.
OPTIONAL: Complete all of the assignments I give you in a poetry notebook. Keeping a notebook exclusively for poetry will keep your thoughts organized and an always-there resource whenever necessary!

Q. Can I ask questions? If so, where?
A. Asking questions will be encouraged in this course!
If you have any questions, feel free to comment them below!

Q. How many assignments will you post?
A. I will post 2 to 3 optional assignments per lesson. So, you will have five assignments in your journal each week.

Q. Can I take this course anywhere else?
A. This course will shortly be available on my blog, which will be linked to my profile very soon!


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