A Lesson by John-Paul H.

This lesson helps you create your character, and organize it.



               Write this on a sheet of paper or on your computer and don't loose it. You don't want to forget anything about your characters.

                     First thing you must do to create a character is choose. Is your character a boy or girl? Every choice you make on your character changes the storyline. Next choice is if he/she is good or evil. Most people don't expect to read the antagonist's (bad guy's) point of view, so you could throw that in there and suprise your readers. Give your character a good cause to be good/evil.

                     An Example of a good cause is mabye his/her mother was murdered and he/she wants revenge. That leads to the possibilty of him/her being evil or good. Now it is time to describe that character. Is he/she brown haired or blonde. Are they tall or short. Freckles, strong, fat, skinny, cowardly, courageous, stupid, smart. Those are just a few, but remember every little detail effects your storyline.

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John-Paul H.
John-Paul H.


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