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A Lesson by xTheArtistx

I this lesson, I hope I can find you some meaningful ways of inspiration


"Inspiration is around you, you just can't be looking."



Most writers suffer from writers block at least twice a year or so. But what amazes me is that they don't know what to do when they get it.


I always refer music, not all that rap junk, but meaningful and beautifully written songs. Some of the bets songs come from people like The Fray, Adele, and Florence and The Machine. People like that have such beauty in their voice, it gives me chills. The Fray's number one hit How To Save A Life made me cry, it's one thing to hear it on the radio, it's another to actually watch it. Adele's songs like Rolling in The Deep, Someone Like You, and Rumour Has It are so... strong, and some of Adele blows me away.


Florene and The Machine is one of my favourite bands. Her songs like The Dog Days Are Over, and Heavy in Your Arms from the Twilight soundtrack, are rich and they have so much beauty in them, they both leave me speechless. Links for all of these music videos are posted at the end of the lesson.


Many people will tell you books are a great source.

But actually, they aren't. Reading books to expand your vocabulary are perfect, but when you get inspiration from them, if it's not a popular theme, you will get yourself knee-deep in lawsuits for plaguerism if you post it anywhere.


But another is poetry.

Poetry tells stories, even though it's not like a book, poetry can expand your vocabulary because the best poetry in written with strong and beautiful words.


Art, people, nature- they are all great sources for inspiration, just remember the quote up top, you can't be looking for inspiration to find it.





Florence and The Machine-Heavy in Your Arms-


The Fray- How To Save a Life-


Adele- Rumour Has It-


Florence and The Machine- Dog Days Are Over-


Adele- Rolling In The Deep-


Jessie J- Who's Laughing Now-


The Fray- You Found Me-

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Added on August 27, 2011
Last Updated on August 27, 2011

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