Lesson One: Reviewing your own writing.

Lesson One: Reviewing your own writing.

A Lesson by xTheArtistx

This first lesson is how to compare your writing.


"Write what you know, dear."


I sit in front of a computer writing for hours on end. Therin, I shut out the outside world, including the lessons you find while just roaming around. My parents pass by me all the time saying, "Just write what you know, Maddie." Some find this hard to do, hence some writers are young an inexpirienced to some of the concepts and genres we write today.


Now, I'm a very open-minded person when it comes to reading. I'll read romance, drama, comedy, action, vampire- every color in the writer rainbow. But I write my best, when I write drama. Because I do so attract myself to those books.


So, let's take Charlotte's Web for instance. Get a lined piece of paper and write at the top: 'Charlotte's Web Comparison'.


Now, write down the information on that page of which is written below. You may use two papers in that circumstance.


Charlotte's Web Comparison


-Written with correct grammar








-Gripping, a page turner


-A classic



Now that you have written that down, and have added a few of your own to that list, get another page and write at the top: 'My Writing Comparison'


Take a piece of writing you wrote recently, not one from when you were five, get what I mean? Now, have another person read over it and describe the characteristics of your writing, the good and bad ones.

That is how you compare your writing.




Write a short story on lined piece of paper front and back using the fantasy genre, no other genre.

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