Our World is Their World

Our World is Their World

A Lesson by xTheArtistx

In this segment of Elements Of Standard Writing, you'll learn how to create a world in a new, fun, and creative way.


"Characters are people, and people are characters. The world is their universe, and their world is ours to keep."



Imagine our world as one big fairytale. We, the characters, are like words among the page, and fate is our script. Buidings as our tools, and time an infinite prop.

When reading a book, many people imagine people in their lives, as the characters, and places in the book as places in real life. Fiction, when thinking on a certain level of understanding, is not really fiction! Fiction is just nonfiction twisted around. When people think they are taking ideas out of thin air, what's in that thin air is really our world!


The way our human minds work, is that we have creativity. And that creativity makes us go places. So whilst we are thinking we are 'creating' these characters, they are just someone in your life, who's story is twisted around.


You don't have to have a completely full and interesting life to use this method, you merely have to meet people, or just see them on the street. That's how easy it is.

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