The Dreaded PLOT

The Dreaded PLOT

A Lesson by xTheArtistx

Here's how you organize your story's plot.


"Organization is the key to a better story, no matter how long, how creative, how intelligent, how beautiful, organization can evolve your story for the better."




Hi everyone, before we begin this lesson, I have some VERY SERIOUS news to address. My English teacher, Brooke Mascio, well... her newborn has severe stomach flu. In case you don't know, when you're a newborn, YOU CAN DIE FROM EVEN A COLD. So, let's hope and pray she'll live. Mrs. Mascio is the best teacher in the world, and I really hope her baby will survive.


On amuch higher note, we begin my third lesson in Elements of Standard Writing. The plot, often the hardest part of the story beside the characters, might come easily if you are creative, if not, we need to sharpen those senses!


Often the plot has six major points:


-The Begining: this point establishes the setting, most main characters (not usually supporting roles, but you can), the time era, and sets the scene for what will inhabit the rest of the book. It engages the readers, and keeps them interested.


-The Die Down: The fun-'n'-games that happens, and it begins your story. After all that annoying explaining, you must give the reader a break, and let the characters just hang out, while the story is begining.


-The Pre-Climax: This is when the story is in full swing, the main part of the story is established, an the reader can sense the climax is approaching, you want them to be held interest, so add some things to spice it up.


-The Climax: The climax should hit your readers like a bucket of ice cold water, it captures the reader, steals their interest, and captivates them, makes them want to climb inside of the story and watch.


-The Die Down 2: You need to give the readers a break, and let the climax settle in their minds, and put in more fun-'n'-games, still captivating their attention.


-The Close: This is where your story comes to a close. Tie up all loose ends, and when the reader puts the book down, you want them still in the trance of your book the next day.



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