Lesson 1: Basic

Lesson 1: Basic

A Lesson by NoAirToBreatheXSuffocateX

Basic Character Steps




                                  There are key things you need for creating your character/s



                    * Gender

                    * Age

                    * Name

                    * Physical Feautres

                    * Personality

                    * Family/Life Style



                                  Gender- Gender is important because it portrays what the character is. If you are writing a love story between a boy and a girl, or a lesbian/gay story, gender is what tells your readers what the charcter is.


                                   Age- Age is another important thing. If you are writing about high school, your characters are not going to be 5 years old. If your writing about preschool, your characters are not going to be 35 years old. Your setting has a lot to do with age, so look at your setting before you determine the age.


                                    Name- The name is also very important. It is what you and other characters are reffering to when they think of that character. You should think hard to find the perfect name and do research about names to see their meaning.


                                   Physical Feautres- Physical Feautres and names are related in a way. When you see a blonde haired girl you would think Kate, or Jessica. Use this to determine the physical feautres.


                                    Personality- Personality is what YOU think. If you want a character to be like you, you would give them the same qualities you share. If you want the character to be the oppisite of you, you would think of all the things you would'nt do, and make the character do it.


                                    Family/Life Style- Ok, so you have to determine whether your character is rich, poor, has a mom and dad, just a dad, or just a mom, has no parents at all, etc.


                                     End of Lesson 1

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