Lesson 2: Backround.

Lesson 2: Backround.

A Lesson by NoAirToBreatheXSuffocateX

Lesson 2


So you should have the basic stuff down already (From Lesson 1) So now we have to work on your characters backround.

Things to Remember from Lesson 1:
-Physical Features.
-Family Style.

You got your character, right? Now tell me, what is his/her history? Backround? The stuff from their past? That is VERY important. Of course, it depends on your story plot, but you characters history is still something important to plan out.

Still need help? These character scenarios should help:

Scenario 1:

Hello, my name is Katelyn! My hair is dark brown, and my eyes are dark green. I come from a family of wealth. I don't consider myself a princess, but I will admit it- I am spoiled. Overall, I would say my life is pretty good. Not because of my wealth, either. I have great friends, an amazing boyfriend, and loving parents. What more could a girl want? (corny, I know)

Scenario 2:

Hey, I'm Logan. And yes, I'm a girl. That's the thing. I'm constantly getting picked on for what a wear, and how I look. Most of my friends are guys. That's just the way it is. My parents are pretty nice, we get along. Occasionally my dad teases me about my many guy friends. My mom thinks I have a crush on them. Why can't we be friends without all the teasing? I don't like them! I don't want a boyfriend! Well... maybe I do.
But I can't admit that yet.

Those are just examples, there are tons of possibilities.
Just nothing to complicated or unrealistic, and you should be fine!

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