Make your title do more for you.

Make your title do more for you.

A Lesson by Deeksha

Just a few tips I've learnt and would like to share.


Well, I'm no great writer. But in the few years of writing that I've done, I've realized that the title is an extremely potent device to give your piece of writing a whole new dimension. Given below are a few tips, I'd like to share.

1) Don't let the title give away too much. (For example: If you're writing a story about a frog turning into a prince, don't let the title be - 'The Frog who turned into a Prince' )
2) Be mysterious and vague. It creates intrigue in the mind of the reader. Hence, the reader reads on.
3) Keep it simple. 
4) Keep it short. Your title is NOT your story. 
5) If it's poetry, you could choose to make your line of refrain the title. 
6) Try and connect the title with the last line of your story/poem. It makes the story/poem seem more complete and leaves the reader satisfied. 

I know its not too much. But it's all I could think of. Check back for more. And feel free to add more tips. 



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Added on January 15, 2010
Last Updated on January 15, 2010
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