Day 1: Circle Game One

Day 1: Circle Game One

A Lesson by Lizzy

follow the directions provided


Circle the one word that most appeals to you:
Alabama Banister Carousel Diesel Exorcist

Circle another word that appeals to you:
Flatulence Garage Harried Insensitive Jambalaya

Circle yet another word that you find appealing:
Keepsake Lam Massage Nonsense Oriole

Use the three words in a story that starts with:
Sometimes I feel just like a gerbil, running around and around on his wheel!

After the exercise:
Take the next step -
In terms of writing practice, what type of gerbil are you?
1. Running round and round on a wheel
2. Avoiding the wheel
3. Fearful of leaving the wheel
4. Running freely without need of a wheel

If writing practice were an airplane instead of a gerbil's wheel, what would you do differently?

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